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Hello, everyone~ For those unfamiliar with Kingdom Hearts (or even simply the games Chain of Memories or Dream Drop Distance), I will try my best to explain game elements. Riku has two strange powers: one of which acts like an evil/questionable morality radar that he doesn't know how to right well turn off (it's in a constant state of ON). The other? Dream Diving. The latter is Exactly What It Says On The Tin; the former, however, is more tricky to understand.

Sensing: In few words, Riku's sense of smell is altered slightly to be able to smell what his universe calls "Darkness". In the Kingdom Hearts series, the Heart (kokoro/the soul) is made of two things: Light (the purity) and Dark. His senses are geared to sensing the latter.

Darkness is the possibility of malevolent intent, and is often tied with the negative emotions of anger or hatred in the canon; sometimes envy, like in Riku's case. If channeled, it can be used in forms of both physical and magical attacks - though this is often considered playing with fire that can consume their heart if not careful.

My question regarding this is, is it alright for him to sense it in your characters? And, if so, on a scale of 1 (being none at all) to 13 (you are Xehanort), how to they fare?

Dream Diving/Spirit Dream Eaters
As of Dream Drop Distance, Riku has gained two abilities: one being diving into the dreams of others, and being able to consume the nightmares of others. He also has brought along his Komory Bat who can also ward off Nightmares. Thus, since i happened to app him in spooktober I have another series of questions to ask:
1. If he felt the need to, is it alright for him to dive into your character's dreams?
2. Is it okay for him to lend your character his Dream Eater (whether said character wants to have a temporary visitor or not) to help them sleep better at night?

DISCLAIMER: I will not use any information to infomod your characters. Any sensory ability is meant as a little white flag, and even then, he is not one to judge for he reeked of male intent once before, too.

Have a little coding to answer with:
Canon/Alternate Universe Character Application


Oct. 14th, 2013 11:55 pm
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If there's something wrong with my characterization, let me know here please!


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